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Mold & Termite Damage Assessment to Clear CL-100's
Evaluation, Repair Recommendations, and Clearance Letter


Foundation Settlement Assessments & Crack Evaluations
We can evaluate cracks in slabs, foundations and walls
to assess the cause of cracking.  
 Company Overview

KIS was founded by Mr. Robert V. Knowles, PE.   As a South
Carolina Licensed Professional Engineer, Mr. Knowles
provides an added level of service to the field of home

Typically, Inspectors can only observe and document the
conditions of a home, yet Engineers perform inspection AND
can provide
recommendations for remedial actions that
might be necessary for a home. Inspectors will commonly
refer Home owners and prospective buyers to an engineer to
more fully evaluate observed problems with a home or
building. At KIS, we can save you the time, money and effort
involved to figure out the cost to solve an observed home
deficiency and allow the property purchased to move
forward with minimal delays.

KIS not only  
finds the problems, but helps you solve them, as
well.  So, call us today to schedule your next inspection visit.
SC Registered Engineer License No. 26621
SC Authorized Inspection & Engineering Firm
Friendly, Professional Service
Where Inspection and Engineering Come Together
Charleston, SC
Knowles Inspection Services, LLC
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Robert V. Knowles, PE
President/Chief Inspector/Principal Engineer
All Inspections overseen by a Professional Engineer  !!!!

  • Have Confidence that your receiving the highest level of professional
    experience and quality inspection service available in the industry!

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Home Inspection Services

Additional Services Save Money for years to come !!!!

Structural Framing and Foundation Evaluations

  • Wood Framing Evaluations
  • Bearing Wall Removal Evaluations
  • Concrete and Masonry Crack Evaluations
  • Settlement Evaluations
  • Termite and Mold Damage Assessments
  • Wind and Seismic Resistance Inspection

Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Surveys

  •  Leak Detection - Water and air
  •   Framing Inspection
  •   See what is invisible to the naked eye!
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