Services We Provide

Pre-Purchase, Pre-Listing, Post-Repair, Safety and
Annual Maintenance Inspections
Environmental Assessment Services

  •       Lead-Based Paint
  •       Indoor Air Quality
  •       Mold
  •       Asbestos
  •       High Sulfur-containing Wallboard checks
  •       Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  •        Moisture Intrusion Assessments
  •        Infra-red Energy Efficiency/ Assessments

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Charleston, SC
Knowles Inspection Services, LLC
Inspection & Engineering Services

For Buyers:
  •        Single-family Home Inspection
  •        Condominium Inspection
  •        Multi-family Building and Complex Inspection
  •        Commercial Building Inspection
  •        Property Condition Assessments
  •        Windstorm Mitigation Construction Certification

For Owners:
  •        Crack Evaluations - slabs, foundations, walls, etc.
  •        Site Surface Water Drainage Assessments
  •        Settlement monitoring and evaluation
  •        Soil Characterization
  •        Roof Inspection/Leak Detection

For Lenders:
  •        Initial Plan & Project Cost Review
  •       Construction Draw Inspection

For Owners and Agents:
  •       Square Footage Verification

Inspections are performed using INACHI and ASHI Guidelines for Home
Inspection, ASTM Standard Test Methods and Practices for tests and
inspections,  and other applicable standard protocols and methodologies
including the 2006 International Building Code.

  •       Is the listed Home Square Footage accurate?
  •       What's that funny smell?"
  •       Is the air in my home safe for my kids?
  •       Do I have "toxic" mold?
  •       Why did my new concrete garage floor crack?
  •       Why is there always a pond in my yard after it rains?

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