2023 Residential Home Inspection
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Home Size


up to 1,000 sf

1,001 to 2,000

2,001 to
3,000 sf  

3,001 to 4,000

Over 4,000 sf

1997 or newer
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1970 to 1996
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Home with Crawl
Space or
Add $125 for Ranch,
Add $100 for 2 stories
Add $150 for
Ranch, Add $125
for 2 or more stories
Add $150 for Ranch, Add
$125 for 2 or more stories
Add $175 for Ranch,
Add $150.00 for 2 or
more stories
Call for affordable
For single family residential home inspection pricing, please refer to the Table show below.

For commercial building inspection services, environmental services, forensic investigation services and all
other services, please contact us directly so that we may discuss the scope of work desired by you, and
prepare a cost estimate that is designed to address your specific needs.

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Re-inspection of homes after repairs are made is HIGHLY recommended to ensure that 100% of the
repairs were made properly and to your satisfaction.

Reinspection visit fees depend on the time required on site (typically 1 to 2 hours). Fee is $375 for the
first 1 1/2 hour, and $75.00 for each hour thereafter.